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rainy day visits in Kyoto and Nara

rainy day visits in Kyoto and Nara

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Rainy day visits in Kyoto and Nara

When I went to visit Kyoto, Japan, it was during the period of  typhoon. First, I was very disappointed. the tourist center Home hostess told me that the places became beautiful in the rain. So I was pleasantly surprised by this admosphere create by the rain day.

To Kyoto rain can fall at any time of the year, not just in the June-July rainy season. If the rain happens when you’re in town, do not despair. The short rainy days in between spring and summer are a Japanese unique season known as “Tsuyu”. There are lots of things to do in Kyoto on a rainy day. Just a light rain slicker, umbrella, and small towels, because when it stopped raining, with the heat, the ambient air becomes like a steam bath (almost). You will find the Japanese are always with an umbrella in case of a shower.




Hotels, shops and department stores will often provide plastic covers for umbrellas and if you get caught in a downpour without an umbrella, convenience stores will quickly have a supply of clear plastic umbrellas on sale from about 300-500 yen in cost.




Now I find that light rainy days are some of the best times to go sightseeing in Kyoto because the tourist spots are not so crowded. Rainy days sometimes gives soft, well distributed lighting for photography. It is a season that plants and trees are full of life and force with the rain and its humidity. The contrast of light and shade of green in the rain and sunlight filtering down through trees.




During the rainy season “Tsuyu” there will not be as many people as the other seasons. The traffic of people would be much better in the city too. In the rainy season, it would be a good time to visit and feel the nature !




walk in the rain in the Kyoto countryside Japan

walk in the rain in the Kyoto countryside Japan

Kinkaku ji Kyoto under the rain

Kinkaku ji Kyoto under the rain

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