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Orihime shrine Ashikaga a shrine for matchmaking

Orihime shrine Ashikaga a shrine for matchmaking

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Orihime shrine Ashikaga a shrine for matchmaking

After having visited Ashikaga Flower Park, I went on the heights of the Ashikaga city, to Orihime shrine. Orihime Shrine is located on the top of Orihime Mountain, there is a  great view of Ashikaga area. The vermilion lacquered shrine is very beautiful with its green color.

Orihime Shrine is a beautiful shrine on a hill overlooking Ashikaga, accessible by a long flight of steps. It is a Shinto shrine located about 0.8 km west-northwest of Ashikaga School. This shrine is on the hillside of Orihimeyama.



Orihime means “weaving princess” after the legendary being who wove the garments of the Shinto sun goddess, Amaterasu.  In 1704, when Toda Tadatoshi became a domain lord of Ashikaga, he found out that there was no shrine enshrined weaving. The name reflects Ashikaga’s long history as a textiles town for 1300 years. Orihime Shrine is spaciously and majestically laid out in a way somewhat unusual for shrines in Japan. It is striking in color, too: vermilion, and, being lacquered, has dazzle. It was first built here in 1879, and its current incarnation dates from 1937 after being razed by fire. The shrine’s association with weaving extends to the weaving of human fate, as it is famous as a shrine to pray for a partner.



Containing both a male and female god, it is known as a shrine for matchmaking. So seen from the plaza at night Ashikaga City’s nightscape unfolds around the illuminated Watarase Ohashi Bridge, and the site’s proximity to the city center and security makes it popular for not just couples but also families and groups of only females to visit and enjoy the nighttime scenery.







Access 5 minutes by car from JR Ashikaga Station or Tobu Ashikagashi Station.

There is a parking visitor.

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