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One night in Ryugu hut in Oze National Park in Japan

One night in Ryugu hut in Oze National Park in Japan

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One night in Ryugu hut in Oze National Park in Japan


When I go for two days of hiking in Oze National Park, in Japan, I book a room in the Ryugu hut. It is at 2 hours and 30 minutes walk from Hatomachitoge, the only hut in the Ryugu crossroads. To position in the middle of the Ozegahara, it tends to be the starting point of the route to go to various places, it is easy to use regardless season. From the good location which is surrounded in all directions to the wetlands, shooting point there are many users of the nearby photographer.



I arrived at around 4:30 pm. It is imperative schedule. Just time to put the stuff in the room, which is located at the first floor. The view from my room overlooking the marsh, I am very lucky. Or rather, as the end of the season, we are only 5 to stay in the hut. Go to Japanese bath (just place for 2 people).



It is a very traditional and quaint place to stay. A board, you need to provide multiple electrical outlet if you have to load batteries. There are electric wall taken only in the common corridor….



Before dinner, I went to take night photos. Just a few tens of meters to do, and you are in scenic locations, this is very easy. This is a distinctive position among the Oze National Park, It is also the best feature to be surrounded by wetlands. Wonderful sun set to Shibutsusan side, also beautiful Chaoyang amounting from Mount Hiuchigatake side.



I go to the end of the season, a few weeks before the closure of the park. But I know that it is recommend going during the period of Skunk cabbage, day lily, 3 other than the large period of autumn leaves, it is of mid-June to mid-July flowers is good most beautiful time. Late of September from its August the second half, saying the best is the great transition of about mid-September. Autumn leaves little from the previous summer to fall even by. Because is bright red lacquer in the green watch scattered, it is that time may be. Scenery between are frost that are not found in early spring until the closing hut from after the end is another foliage of October after. it becomes cold season, such as or raining lightly rain day seem to grassland golden color.




You can request a bento ( single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine) for lunch.


Note the owner Sumio Hagiwara :

“Heart feel the change of Oze:

Ryugu hut is renowned photographer had stayed previously, I always as a person who is in Oze, and began shooting in order to record the change of Oze. Initially had vague shooting the landscape was, but eventually decided the theme, by looking at the Oze to decide where, and now feel a slight change. that saw the white rainbow in the shooting also was a touching, some plants every year and “was also remember the same excitement when it was discovered that you are moving little by little, it was a word that I felt the view to see the Hagiwara’s Oze. For such Hagiwara-san, what’s now the climbers is reflected in any way.

They’ve been bound to arrive to everyone and walking and destination. If you really want to feel the Oze, I want to ask you a gait that is not bound by time. Keyword” buy time and times It is easy “. comfortably walk it using double the required time that was written on the map. sometimes standing in the same place, Hagiwara-san and I,” I want to see the nature of the transition of Oze in a calm tone, Oze He told me the advice to touch the essence.”


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