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Mountain bike ride on Japanese bike paths

Mountain bike ride on Japanese bike paths

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Mountain bike ride on Japanese bike paths

When weather is nice, it’s great to go on cycle tracks, which follow the rivers, to large Japanese cities sides. It is possible to find routes on Japanese blogs with restaurant recommended by cyclists.


Knowing that the Japanese are generally greedy, places to have lunch are great. The restaurants are often bike friendly, also.


After having searching on different blog, I put my bike in the car, to get to the parking lot near the departure of the cycle path. And here I am gone for several dozen kilometers …

I cross a lot of cyclists and joggers. I arrive at the Japanese restaurant, which is a bit off the bicycle path. There is space to park the bike.



In the city of Saitama, the restaurant is a traditional Japanese house with a thatched roof. This is a soba noodle restaurant.




Soba noodles are prepared with buckwheat flour mixed with water, which is spread on a plate and that slice into strips of about 1 to 2 mm wide. Then dipped in boiling water, as in the European pasta. They are usually consumed either in a bowl of hot mentsuyu (a kind of broth compound of dashi, mirin, sake and soy sauce), or rinsed in cold water.

The soba is traditionally prepared by hand.



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