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Mountain bike and Gopro somewhere on the japanese trails

Mountain bike and Gopro somewhere on the japanese trails

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Mountain bike and Gopro somewhere on the japanese trails

Probably better known for its traditional culture and technologically advanced cities, Japan is also a country of mountains and picturesque place. More than seventy percent of archipelago is covered by towering volcanic peaks and snow capped summits; and these mountains provide a haven for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

mtb somewhere in Japan from deloprojet on Vimeo.

So I’m sending my mountain bike through the mail in two boxes, one for wheels and one for the bike frame and various parts. From Europe, they have five days to arrive in Japan, without any damage, except the boxes opened by customs, but this is normal.


But to ride quietly without being harassed by the Japanese police, it must register his bike, to get a sticker with a number. The process is officially called “Jitensha bouhan touroku”/自転車 防犯登録 (Bicycle Crime Prevention Registration) in Japanese. I did not know exactly the procedure, with my mountain bike import, then the Japanese have advised me to go to the bike shop. My mountain bike not being a Japanese bike, I have no difficulty has it registered in my name. It took me 5 minutes and 500 yen (4 dollars). To thank the owner, I do adjust my wheel spokes for 1 000 yen (8 dollars)…



After several weeks without bike, it is good to be back on the bike again. It just remains for me to explore the different trails and know the days and the most appropriate times to not get in collisions with pedestrians. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, it is like hell in the city one day black friday, up to 2 hours of the afternoon.



. I will also learn, often get off bike because the runs are very short. Except to go around the ski resorts, like as over the hills and far away from Tokyo, Nagano Prefecture, a land of deep valleys and high mountains, with rolling hills and winding rivers. It is a perfect place for the adrenaline junkies of the cycling world known as downhill mountain bikers.



Anyway, there are many Japanese blog mountain bike, to find trails and small restaurant for a break, where it is possible to suspend his bike…



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