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Mitake “Rock Garden” path, a breath of fresh air to 2 hours from Tokyo

Mitake “Rock Garden” path, a breath of fresh air to 2 hours from Tokyo

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Mitake “Rock Garden” path, a breath of fresh air to 2 hours from Tokyo

Sometimes, very early in the morning, around 6:30 am, I’ll take a walk in the Mitake mountain, near Tokyo. At this time, I cannot take take the cable car when visiting Mt. Mitake, It is not yet in service. However it is very convenient and fast (the ride lasts just 6 minutes) and it travels up the mountain at an average incline of 22 degrees. So I park the car near the small road and go to the the top on foot.



Mt. Mitake (御岳山) is located in Okutama, Tokyo. It is 929m high and approximately 2 hours from Tokyo. There is a huge Shrine called “Musashi Mitake Shrien,” and a lot of beautiful natures for all seasons. There are several hiking courses which covers for all generations. One of long hiking course has beautiful waterfalls, valley and scenery.



The area’s paths are well-signposted throughout and easy to follow. There are several routes between these two peaks, of varying difficulties, but the one detailed here proceeds through the Mitake-san “Rock Garden”, a forested ravine of moss-covered rock formations and waterfalls. The walk towards the garden is relatively easy despite a few slippery areas due to the rain showers.

The real trek begins with the path southwest, through plantation forests. Look for signs to the Rock Garden (ロックガーデン).



One of the destinations of this hiking is Nanayo-no-taki fall. You have to go down 10 minutes to this fall from the trail and come back to continue hiking to the Rock Garden.



Maps are available at the Mitake Station information centre.

The visitor center of Mitake:

Ideal to keep informed in real time about the conditions for climbing Mount Mitake or the condition of the surrounding nature is to inquire at the Visitor Centre of Mitake.

Location: 38.5 Mitake-san, Ome, Tokyo Tel: 0428-78-9363

Hours: Open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily, except Monday and for the New Year holiday (also closed the day after the holidays).

Access: From the Mitake Station on the JR Ome line network, take the bus company Nishi-Tokyo towards the funicular to its terminus; from there take the funicular to the station “Takimoto” to “Mitake-san” station. Then walk for 10 minutes towards the Shrine Musashi Mitake




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