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landscape breathtaking in Finistere Brittany end of the earth

landscape breathtaking in Finistere Brittany end of the earth

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landscape breathtaking in Finistere Brittany end of the earth

After my surf session of afternoon, I took my camera and I have going over the cliff of “La Palue”, at the Crozon peninsula. The sea, which was trying to calm down after the storm, was very beautiful, with clouds and sunset.

The Crozon peninsula this third point of Brittany, the middle, in the shape of a cross, yet unspoiled paradise for addicts of skiing in all its forms, fans of hiking and mountain biking. It houses one of the most majestic beaches of Brittany Palue, a landscape breathtaking. From the top of the cliff, it embraces 180 degrees all the Iroise sea. At left, Raz, right, Pointe Saint-Mathieu, Ouessant, Molène …

In front of ? America ! Behind you, the moor, the real one, where the gorse and broom grow obliquely, as the wind knows how to be master of the house.



The beach of “La Palue” is probably one of the most beautiful wild beaches of Brittany, La Palue is primarily a beach or become fans of surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing … and lovers of the great outdoors. It is also an ideal location for the photographer: landscapes, colors, lights …

Waves and currents beaches Lostmarc’h and Palue are a paradise for surfers. On a clear day you can see the tip of Van, the island of Sein, Ouessant archipelago and the Pointe Saint-Mathieu. This helps to easily locate on the map and feeling reached the extreme west of Brittany …



These three beaches are facing due west. There are most of the best rolls of Crozon time. But you can enjoy it only if you are a surfer, because swimming is strictly prohibited due to the presence of “undertow” (depressions that dig in the sand) generating strong currents that same drive the best swimmers off .




The beaches of La Palue and Lostmarc’h are located on the Cap de la Chèvre. In high season, it is quite difficult to find a place to park his vehicle. The main car park is located outside the village of La Palue. It is also possible to get off his vehicle along the beach by a stony road in very bad condition (option to book the surfers down their equipment). The parking lot outside the village of Lostmarc’h offer little more than a dozen places. Needless to venture in season.


Movie “great surfing on the spot La Palue in Bretagne”:

great surfing on the spot La Palue in Bretagne

La Palue Crozon, surf Spot:

La Palue, surf spot to Crozon peninsula Brittany

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