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Come to the smallest port of France Port Racine

Come to the smallest port of France Port Racine

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Come to the smallest port of France Port Racine

North of the Cap de la Hague, in the municipality of Saint-Germain-des-Vaux, I went to see the smallest port in France: Port-Racine. A relaxing and beautiful stop. What charm for this small town, even better when there is nobody. The parking is great, so I can take pictures.

Port Racine takes its name from a pirate eighteenth century, François Médard Racine, who set his sights on this cove St Martin to wet his ship. The pier was built in 1870 and fishermen’s huts were built there. Wearing dry at low tide, which is permissible only small boats. These are moored in a traditional way: hawsers to the front and rear of the boat to the pier link on each side of the port.



There is a plaque that tells the history of the port and pirate in the pay of Louis XIV, who hid his boat out to scuttle the English fleet from an attempt to approach appropriate. It houses twenty curiously moored fishing boats ‘head butt’ to optimize instead.




It was widely praised by poets and tour guides where his notoriety. The smallest port in France Port Racine is a little paradise.

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