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Windsurf at Urville Nacqueville, Normandy


Windsurf at Urville Nacqueville, Normandy

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Windsurf at Urville Nacqueville, Normandy

During my stay in Cherbourg, in Manche, France, I go for a mountain bike ride because there are waves for the surf. I go until the beach of Urville Nacqueville. I was able to take photographs of Windsurf at Urville Nacqueville.

I stop beside the club ASSUN SAIL located at the extreme east of the beach. The Assun (Sports Association Urville Nacqueville) offers activities such as catamaran, trimaran, SUP rental or skimboard. The favorite sport and the objective of this club is remain obviously the windsurfing. The club offers learning the basics of windsurfing in a week by participating in summer internships.

The most popular windsurfing spot North Cotentin. It allows to start in waves without problem for all wind directions coming from the sea (North). However, this spot may be selective during a big storm. The wind is very irregular breath when earth.

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