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La Palue, surf spot to Crozon peninsula Brittany


La Palue, surf spot to Crozon peninsula Brittany

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La Palue, surf spot to Crozon peninsula Brittany


rozon peninsula, in Brittany, France, is a fabulous and preserved site where the beautiful rocky headlands alternate with extensive sandy beaches. La Palue is the main spot and best known of the Crozon peninsula.  there is any NW to SW swell, come here and have a clue! STRONG CURRENTS are to be expected (as in any beach break).


La Palue, Bretagne

La Palue is the beach for experienced surfers, it is highly frequented and offers powerful and beautiful waves at high tide as low tide along the sandbanks. One of the most sympathetic atmosphere you can meet in Brittany. the surfing level can be pretty high. Avoid the show-off and do keep an eye on each other: you could very easily be swept offshore by the current. Swimming tourists drown here each year and there are NO LIFEGUARDS.


La Palue, Bretagne


La Palue, Bretagne

You can see my movie of La Palue:


La Palue, Movie

La Palue surf report:

Halfway from Brest and Quimper, get into the Crozon peninsula. Head toward Crozon city and from there follow roadsigns to Morgat city (main road D887). Once at Morgat, follow the roadsigns to “Cap de la chèvre”, on the road D255 you will cross a hamlet called Montourgar : take right on next crossroads. From there, just follow the main road to La Palue. After you crossed the very hamlet of La Palue,you’ll meet a parking lot atop the dune: keep driving down toward the beach. There still is 4 more parking lots.

Movie Surfing at La Palue, inBretagne:

great surfing on the spot La Palue in Bretagne

Photographies “Surfing in the sunset”:

Surfing in the sunset, La Palue – photographies

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