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Montain bike to Mont D’Arree in Brittany


Montain bike to Mont D’Arree in Brittany

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Montain bike to Mont D’Arree in Brittany


put my mountain bike in the car and I’m going to Mont d’arre (in Brittany) to do the route that largely follows the route of the race “la ronde des crêtes”. The Mont D’arree do not exceed 384 meters high but still adds the altitude difference passing from one valley to another.


Mont d’Arree

From this peak Breton mountains, the panorama indulges in contemplation of sight in the area, displaying an obvious kinship with certain Irish landscapes of Wales.



topo mtb mont d’Arree


This is the area of the riders. It starts in the forest by a little muddy. Then we leave the cover for the last climb to the St Michael’s Chapel. Landes of sight, panoramic view of the lake. The return is by Drennec, artificial lake of about 110 acres, pellet blue water reflecting the foliage of the elms.

In the first part of the circuit, there may be a lot of mud. After 5 km, mount a small path with a small stream that descends and many rocky plates. This is extremely slippery.


Mountain bike, Mont d’Arree

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