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Lots of fun to Swami’s Encinitas San Diego

Encinitas swami

Lots of fun to Swami’s Encinitas San Diego

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Lots of fun to Swami’s, Encinitas San Diego


Scene of life from “Swami’s” in Encinitas, San Diego, California. The place where the life is great.

There was no wave at “Swami’s“, which is rated in the top 5 surf locations in the world, and is mentioned in a verse of The Beach Boys‘ song “Surfing’ U.S.A.”, but the weather was very mild for a walk.

There is a car park but it is small, but it’s pretty easy to get a street parking without having to walk too far. There is a staircase to get to the beach. There is a shower to rinse at the bottom of the stairs and a bathroom in the parking lot.


Encinitas Swami


Encinitas Swami


eEncinitas Swami


Encinitas Swami

Movie “A great afternoon in Encinitas California”:

A great afternoon in Encinitas California

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