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La Jolla kayak when it rains


La Jolla kayak when it rains

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La Jolla kayak when it rains

When it rains and there are no waves, why not decide to go kayaking at La Jolla, San Diego. Early in the morning, we decided to rent a ford pickup, at Adams Ave Moving Service (U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer), San Diego, to put our sea kayaks (for they are a little larger). Once sea kayaks placed on the pickup, we leave for La Jolla Shores.

I deposited the kayaks on the beach at the end of the avenue of La Playa, La Jolla Shores. It is a very easy and convenient access, further, as it is very early in the morning and it’s raining, the beach is deserted. Then I’ll park the pickup, at La Jolla Shores Park, next to Kellogg Park.

The sea is a real sea of oil. Sometimes, there are seals and sea lions that come out of the water head to watch us.


kayak La Jolla

We go to La Jolla Cave, then we pass Children’s Pool. We arrive at Crystal Pier at Pacific Beach, San Diego. Now it’s been almost 2 hours as we paddle, so we decide to go back to La Jolla Shores.

He begins to have some groups of vacationers kayak at La Jolla Cave. Anyway, it was a good morning workout in the water. In fact, there is always some activity to do, when we have the chance to be beside the sea, even when the good weather is not the appointment.


kayak La Jolla Shores

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