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White movie of Japanese temple in a snow storm

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White movie of Japanese temple in a snow storm

Movie of a Japanese temple in a snow storm, filmed with a Canon camera with “magic lantern” RAW.

When I saw the snow starts to fall, early in the morning, I hasten to dress warmly, take my photographic equipment and video, then go to the temple of the city. I was almost certain that I would be all alone in the garden of Japanese temple. It is a fact universally acknowledged that in Japan, there are crowds. Many of them, Shibuya scramble crossing Tokyo would not be quite the same without the swarms of pedestrians, and would be the cherry blossom as enjoyable without the atmosphere and festive parties gathered under the trees. But when the snow falls Throughout the colder months, many of the important sites of the almost completely abandoned countries, specially outside the big cities.

An another movie:

snow storm in Japan, a pleasure for photographer




March 16, 2016