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snow storm in Japan, a pleasure for photographer

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snow storm in Japan, a pleasure for photographer

Video of a snowstorm filmed in rural Japan, filmed in RAW and grading color in Davinci Resolve. To accompany the video, I used the music of Vorspiel (original version) Wagner.

Perhaps no other country celebrates and scrutinizes the changing of the seasons like Japan. From December to March (and beyond), much of Japan is covered in snow, especially the mountainous areas in Honshu and Hokkaido. The Japan Sea side of Honshu can get particularly cold with vast amounts of snow arriving from China and Russia. But, the big cities such as Tokyo are unaccustomed to snow. Even several centimeters of snow causes a traffic disturbance, and many people fall on an icy sidewalk.

So when I saw the fallen snow in the beginning of after noon, I took my video equipment, and I go walking and filming in the village. I met absolutely no one.

An another movie:

White movie of Japanese temple in a snow storm


February 18, 2016