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One afternoon in Chicano Park San Diego

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One afternoon in Chicano Park San Diego

I’m going to film sequences in the famous “Chicano Park” of San Diego. A tour guide from West Germany stressed the three most important sites in California, “The Mud Flats in San Francisco, Watts Towers in Los Angeles, and Chicano Park in San Diego.”

Chicano Park is a symbol of the community organization to fight to save a culture and a neighborhood in San Diego, California.

In the 1960s, California undergoing profound urban changes associated with a state plan for highway construction. In this context, the San Diego barrio split twice by a motorway and then by the Coronado bridge. Given this breakdown of the neighborhood, the residents undertake discussions with the City to establish a park with an area of nearly two hectares under the bridge.

Photography of Chicano Park San Diego

Photography of Chicano Park San Diego

A summary of the story “Visit to Chicano Park, San Diego”

Visit to Chicano Park, San Diego

extract of the song “Chicano Park Samba”
Los Alacranes Mojados
From the Album Rolas de Aztlán: Songs of the Chicano Movement
September 13, 2005


April 09, 2016