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Mtb at Menez Hom

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Mtb at Menez Hom

Video of the descent of Menez Hom, by mountain biking. The Menez-Hom which a mountain located in Brittany, in the department of Finistère, countries Cornwall, France. Menez hom rises to 330 meters.

The Menez-Hom was considered by the Celts as a “sacred mountain.” A Celtic-Roman temple probably existed in the area, but has not been located. King Marc’h legendary king, was buried in the area.

The quality is not very good, as there was not much light for GoPro, because it rained all afternoon. In any case, the “panoramic” itinerary offers a complete turn of Menez Hom.

You can find better photographs of the trail, taken with my camera, which was in my backpack, here:


There is a video and timelapse of Menez Hom, here:


There are photographs of Menez Hom, here:


Menez Hom, mountains Celtic legend: