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movie of the japanese garden “Togo” in Japan…

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Movie of the japanese garden “Togo” in Japan…

Togo Park (東郷公園) is located in Hanno, Saitama. It was built for Admiral Togo in 1925. There many items from the Russo-Japanese War displayed at this park. It is also know as one of the best Koyo (Colorful leaves) spot in Saitama. During one morning, I came to film the garden “Togo garden” in the city of Hanno, Saitama ken, Japan. Normally, there is always a lot of people, but that day, it was very quiet, maybe because of the weather.

The park is built on the side of a mountain, and is carved into terraces that are kept as a beautiful Japanese garden. The sightseeing is wonderful.



February 18, 2015