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Movie of Monts d’Arree, fabled land in Brittany

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Movie of Monts d’Arree, fabled land in Brittany

I filmed for two evenings.

Monts d’Arree” is the heart of the “Lower Brittany” or Lower Bretagne (Breizh Izel-Breton), with its traditions, its legends, its ecosystem preserved.
Some authors, such as Jean Markale think of Arrée could be the “gaste country” Knights of the Round Table crossed in their quest for the Holy Graal, but this is the realm of poetry. Thus, the forest Huelgoat would be the remains of the mythical Forest Dark Forest.

The arrival of the day, Ankou forced to leave his observation post. Tuchenn Gador of the worker of death draped black watches 360 ° the Breton souls. Yeun Elez the swamp lies in the heart of Brittany Park. Here in bogs, open the gates of hell. A bottomless pond, hidden today, engulfs damned souls.

Every thousand years, the Mont Saint-Michel de Brasparts is open to discover a holy stone with extraordinary powers The chapel as many sites “Monts d’arree” is rich in legends. It is said that spirits from prowling around were being trapped in the body of black dogs and taken to heart Marsh Yeun Elez which was then regarded as the entrance to hell….

Monts d’Arree a land of myths and legends:

Monts d’Arree a land of myths and legends


March 18, 2016