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Visit to Chicano Park, San Diego


Visit to Chicano Park, San Diego

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Visit to Chicano Park, San Diego

Being in San Diego, California, I’m going to the famous “Chicano Park”. Chicano Park is a 32,000 square meters (7.9 acres) park under the bridge of San Diego-Coronado in Barrio Logan. The murals were officially recognized as public art by the Public Advisory Council San Diego in 1987.





Chicano park

The city council had promised to build a park for the loss of more than 5,000 homes and businesses removed for highway construction and the “Coronado Bay Bridge“, as well as the aesthetic degradation created by aerial highways supported by a forest of gray concrete pillars.


chicano park

April 22, 1970, the bulldozers came under pylons, measuring a three-acre parcel of land adjacent to the park site. Bulldozers had not come to the park, but to prepare a site for the construction of a California Highway Patrol station. The parcel was acquired by the state in August 1969, after the Coronado Bay Bridge opened. Protesters have appeared on the site 7:00 A furious resident, Mario Solis, residents informed of the situation, going door to door. Students informed of events in their classrooms while Chicano Studies,. immediately descended on the park. Joined by local residents, young and old, they formed a human chain around bulldozers, forcing construction to stop, as was commanded by Captain VJ Herz, the commander Highway Patrol on site.


Chicano park

At a meeting on April 23, a young artist named Salvador Torres, recently returned to the barrio of the Order of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, shared his vision adorn freeway support pillars with beautiful artwork. For this reason it is sometimes called “the architect of the dream.” Finally, on 1 July 1970, 21,814.96 dollars have been allocated for the development of a 1.8 acre (7300 m²) plot. The murals on the highway pillars on Logan Avenue were painted by Los Toltecas in Aztlan and about three hundred people in the barrio.

The second wall phase was characterized by the presence of Chicano artists Sacramento and Los Angeles murals at the invitation of San Diego artists. The first group of murals were painted to Chicano Park Day in 1974, and the second group was painted by members of the Royal Chicano Air Force in the spring of 1975.



Chicano park


Chicano park

Photography of Chicano Park San Diego

Photography of Chicano Park San Diego

Movie “One afternoon in Chicano Park San Diego”

One afternoon in Chicano Park San Diego


chicano park movie

The History of Chicano Park web site supports MAS 350B: Mexican American Studies – Chicano History at San Diego State University.


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