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Tokyo photography the joy to be continuously surprised

Tokyo photography the joy to be continuously surprised

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Tokyo photography the joy to be continuously surprised

When I am in Tokyo I am continuously surprised – sometimes on a daily basis – by something new. Such is the joy to walking in a city that prides itself on constant renewal and reinvention; it seriously never gets old. Tokyo has everything you can ask of a city, and has it in spades: a rich, cosmopolitan dining scene, more cafes and bars than you could visit in a lifetime, fantastic public transportation and grassy park, amazing architectures – plus it’s clean and safe.



Tokyo is a city to photograph. It’s alive with noise, movement and the occasional mystery. The buildings are photogenic, specially in the dark. It’s a city of photographers both tourists and locals. But at the evening, these spots are not worth braving the crowds of fellow photographers. I often find myself with my tripod and my camera, as in a desert.



It may be a series of photographs of Tokyo among many other. But these are photographs that I like particularly, even if they are of me. When I took some photographs at night I got expelled by guards because I exceed the permitted time limits. Or else, the weather was so wet, that was the end of the photo shoot, I was quenched as if I was going to bathe all dressed (almost). Anyway, they all have a little story.




The entire series of photographs is here:

Tokyo modern architecture makes the city photogenic


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