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Timelapse at Brest photography tips


Timelapse at Brest photography tips

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Timelapse at Brest photography tips


eing in Brest, in Brittany, I wanted to take photographs from the bridge “Albert-Louppe” or bridge “Plougastel“, which dominates the roadstead of Brest (rade de Brest). In fact, there is a bridge open to traffic, and a second, open only to pedestrians and bicycles.


timelapse Brest

I’m alone on the bridge, so I set up my tripod Manfrotto Professional Fluid Video System / Aluminum / Twin Telescopic Leg MVK502AM-1. I find it easy to use tripod, and most importantly, fear going into my bag Noth Face “BASE CAMP DUFFEL – LARGE“, by removing the head, to fly.  Obviously, I put the tripod in his big bag, as it is protecting shocks, and the bag is ready for adventure.

bag manfrotto

bag manfrotto

For the second camera, I use a small tripod Manfrotto, that I can take with me in a small backpack when I go mountain biking or otherwise.

I programmed my timer remote controller, and the camera starts taking photographs for timelapse.

The video is here:

Timelapse of the roadstead of Brest

There is also a series of photos here:

Photographs of the rade de Brest


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