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The submarine “Le Redoutable” in the sunset.

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The submarine “Le Redoutable” in the sunset.

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The submarine “Le Redoutable” in the sunset.

During my stay, at Cherbourg, Normandy, France, I go to “La cite de la mer” for to see “Le Redoutable“, the biggest visitable submarine in the world. Disarmed nuclear-free, he joined July 4, 2000 a dock specially equipped for him and then emptied of water along the Gare Maritime Transatlantique.


“Le Redoutable” was equipped with 16 ballistic missiles each comprising one to six nuclear warheads. Each missile with a range of over 3000 km is comparable to an Ariane rocket propulsion with solid propellant. Firepower of all: 50 times the Hiroshima bomb …

Be commissioned end of 1971 after its sea trials, based at the “Ile Longue” in Brest, he made his first patrol on January 28 of the following year, completed 51 patrols, and spent 3469 days at sea before be removed from active service December 13, 1991. “Le Redoutable” French nuclear submarine, totals 90,000 hours of diving and 1.27 million kilometers, the equivalent of 32 times around the Earth.


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