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Take a break for the sunset at Cambria Moonstone Beach

Take a break for the sunset at Cambria Moonstone Beach

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Take a break for the sunset at Cambria Moonstone Beach

Take a break for to see the sunset at Moonstone Beach Cambria, when you are on the Pacific Highway One. Moonstone Beach is a  mandatory stop that all Pacific coast Highway trips must include. The beaches in Cambria are known for their moonstones with many beautiful lookouts along the coastline. it’s called moonstone beach because among the many rocks that cover the beach, there are millions of tiny moonstones, this milky/clear stone that has a slight pearlescence to it, almost like clear opals.



Moonstone Beach is incredibly beautiful! Unfortunately, when I was here, the sky is covered with clouds. Anyway, I’ve had the chance to watch the sunset through the clouds.



There are a parking along the road or a small parking lot at either end of the beach. As soon as we stepped out of the car, there were many squirrels, not at all afraid of people, came over, sat upright and seemed to be begging for food. There’s a wooden trail that’s about 1 mile long where you can jog and take in the scenery…the awesome beach.  There are stairs that take you to the beach with its tide pools and you can see the seals that hang out near the west end of the trail.



Along the boardwalk there is a bench under a craggy old Cypress tree that is well worth seeking out, if you want to read a book or just kick back and gaze out to sea.


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Sunset at Moonstone Beach Cambria California


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