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Surf and sunset at Oceanbeach San Diego


Surf and sunset at Oceanbeach San Diego

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Surf and sunset at Oceanbeach San Diego

One evening, at Ocean Beach, San Diego, California, I put my little camera Fujifilm XP, on the top of my wetsuit, took my surfboard, and I go behind the waves. I must admit that it is not practical to paddle or to duck dive.


Sunset Ocean Beach

So while waiting for a good wave comes, I sit on my surfboard, and I take photographs. When a big wave comes, I put my camera Fujifilm XP in my wetsuit…. And I go.

I love this little camera, I use it everyday. Above all, it is waterproof up to 33 ft (10m), and photographs and video sequences are enjoyable.


Sunset fujifilm xp

There is the series of photographs here”



sunset Oceanbeach San Diego


sunset OceanBeach San Diego

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