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Photography of sunset at Morro Rock California


Photography of sunset at Morro Rock California

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Sunset at Morro Rock, California

Going from San Francisco to San Diego, on the highway 1, along the California coast, I arrived at about Morro Bay city, at the end of the day. I turned a little in the city to find the port, to try to take pictures of the sunset of Morro Rock, a State Historic Landmark, was formed about 23 million years ago from the plugs of long-extinct volcanoes.


sunset Morro Rock

I managed to find a parking space beside the intersection of Beach Street and the Embarcadero. But the sun had almost disappeared behind Morro Rock.


sunset Morro- Rock


sunset Morro Rock

In fact, the photographs were taken beside the “Stax Wine Cafe”, for those who know…


sunset Morro Rock


sunset Morro Rock


sunset Morro Rock


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