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Snorkeling in the larger blue coral reef of the world


Snorkeling in the larger blue coral reef of the world

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Snorkeling in the larger blue coral reef of the world

During my stay on the Ishigaki Island, (“Ishigakijima” in Japanese) which is located about 420 km southwest of Okinawa Island and Taiwan is about 270 km west of this island, there was a typhoon. It was not possible to me to scuba diving or snorkeling, everything was canceled.

It was not counting on “Minshku Maezato“. The morning after the typhoon, the owner called me to tell that it was possible to do snorkeling, early after noon, to the three points of the larger blue coral reef of the world !!

So on the way to “Minshku Maezato“. It is very easy to find, and there is parking to park the car.

There are all equipment for leasing.  It is costing 5500 yen (42 US dollars) for 3 hours, with mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit. If you have all your equipment, it costs only 4,000 yen ( 32 US dollars). In addition, the shower with soap and shampoo are free, which is not the customs, on the island.

Once equipped, we go up in the small bus and we head to the beach which is a few minutes. It will be like a private visit, we are only 4 people …  thank you the typhoon …

Obviously, the sky is not blue, and the sea is a bit agitated, but we will be alone in the water.

We are going on the boat and we go to the different spots. The guide is extremely warm and friendly. I am ready for an afternoon in the water.

We stop at the first spot, in fact, we will spend one hour on each spot. And now we can finally go into the sea, And now we can finally go into the sea, the larger blue coral reef of the world !!

We often raise our head above water, to see the guide who we indicated places to go to see around the boat.

The water is not very clear because of the typhoon from this night, but it’s still fabulous.

Once ended, after three hours in the sea, the guide offers us hot drinks. My classmates of snorkeling and me are very happy with this small gesture, moreover, it puts us hot water in the wetsuit…

The ocean was not very hot, and we appreciate much the hot water.

Now it’s time to return to the beach, and to “Minshku Maezato“, take a shower, and finish the day in another place.

I highly recommend it for norkeling. The guide is very friendly, it is not expensive for 3 hours in this beautiful place and hot drinks are very apreciated at the end…


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Snorkeling at Ishigaki Island Japan

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