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Tips for San Diego skyline long exposure


Tips for San Diego skyline long exposure

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Tips for San Diego skyline long exposure


For a long time I wanted to film and take photographs of San Diego at night. So one night I’m going to “Coronado Ferry Landing pier” and “Gloria ramp boat” for to take “Coronado bridge“.

So here are some tips for these photographs, because I have heard that it was difficult to do, and that many people would do the same. In fact, without going into complex explanations, it can be very easy to take pictures like this, and without obtaining the high-end camera.


San Diego

Finding great locations for long exposure photography in San Diego

What I usually do is scout a location I find particularly interesting by using Google maps and/or Google Earth and just zoom in and look at it from various view points. Also the place like “Coronado ferry landing pier” and “Gloria ram boat” was the best for me this evening.

Coronado Ferry Landing pier

For these photographs, I was already came here before, but with a lot of wind, but it was not possible for me to take long exposure photographs, I had not my tripod.

Gloria ramp boat

My very simple equipment for these long exposure photographs


Normally it takes any camera that has a “bulb” mode. Most devices have a maximum duration of 30 seconds exposure. The “bulb Mode” allows you to go beyond that point 30 seconds. The another accessory is a remote that locks. If you manually press down the shutter button, the camera moves just a little bit which results in unsharp pictures. You can buy a $ 500 dollar fibre wireless remote or a simple $ 10 dollar no brand remote. It just needs to lock the shutter button.


San Diego

But for these photographs, I use the 10 sec timer of my camera, but 2s, this is ok also. I did not need to take more than 30 seconds….

I use aperture priority, AV (for Canon) or A (for Nikon) mode on my digital SLR camera, 160 ISO and F11 or 14. It is very simple, for these photographs.


San Diego


The tripod is very highly recommended, even mandatory. Obviously the sturdier tripod, is the better. But everyone is not rich to put hundreds and thousands dollars in a tripod. So take a tripod that matches the weight of your camera.


San diego

There is my video filmed with a Blackmagic camera “San Diego Skyline”

San Diego Skyline


san diego-skyline-01

San Diego Skyline


San Diego

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