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Photograph the sunset at Sunset Cliffs across the fog

Photograph the sunset at Sunset Cliffs across the fog

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Photograph the sunset at Sunset Cliffs across the fog

If there is a special place that I like to go to watch the sunset, this is Sunset Cliffs, San Diego. Anyway Sunset Cliffs is one of those place you HAVE to go to if you ever visit San Diego. There is every time a good group of people on  evening all waiting at the cliffs for the sun to set. The view is absolutely breathtaking, colors of the sunset painting the sky in amazing and vibrant colors. Such gorgeous sight ! An open view of the ocean and horizon as well as the cliffs around you. The waves crashing and people soaking in the very last rays of sunlight.



One evening I came with my camera and my tripod to photograph the sunset, like a few times. The weather was superb, but in the late afternoon, the fog came from off the Pacific Ocean, like a wave. It is relatively impressive to observe. Fortunately, I had brought a jacket against the cold. Anyway, I have no regrets for staying on the edge of the cliff until the nightfall. The photographs in fog at Sunset Cliffs have a wonderfully moody and mystery atmospheric feel, specially with the sun setting on the horizon.




Just make sure to expose based on the fog — and not the subject — if you want this subject to appear as a dark silhouette. Alternatively, you could dial in a negative exposure compensation.



The entire series of photographs is here:

Sunset in the fog at sunset cliffs National Park, San Diego

Videos of surf at Sunset Cliffs:

Movie of surfing at Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

Movie of surf at Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, filmed with a BMPCC .


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