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Panoramic views of San Diego from Mt Soledad

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Panoramic views of San Diego from Mt Soledad

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Photographs of the 360 degree panoramic views of San Diego from Mount Soledad

Before nightfall, I am going to Mount Soledad at La Jolla, to take photographs of 360 degree panoramic breathtaking views of San Diego.

I went down a few hundred meters on the dirt roads. I set up my tripod and my camera and I took pictures until the fall of night.

Mount Soledad a Veteran memorial is enough of a reason to come see it. Don’t forget the fact that this place was built to honor veterans and their ultimate sacrifice: Duty, Honor, Country.

But the drive up is very scenic and the views, you really can’t beat it. There is beauty in San Diego, and this place will give you a huge glimpse of that. On a clear day, no other spot gives you such clear 360 degree panoramic views of San Diego.

The views include La Jolla Shores, the Mormon Temple, and basically all of San Diego. A must see, for anyone, local and tourist.

The only problem is a small parking.  I was lucky to find a parking spot in the parking lot. Make sure to pick a clear day and get there early to beat other crowds to get a parking. Also don’t forget to bring your camera!

More photographs:

View of La Jolla San Diego from Mount Soledad


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