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Mt. Mitake hike in Tokyo Japan


Mt. Mitake hike in Tokyo Japan

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Mt. Mitake hike in Tokyo Japan

At around 5:30 am, I arrived by car at the bottom of the mountain “Mitake san” which is worshiped long ago by the Japanese who believe in the sanctity of the mountains. It was still dark. I wanted to get to the top culminating at 929 meters, which hosts the Musashi Mitake Shrine surrounded by buildings with thatched roofs.  to photograph the sunrise. There is a cable car that provides access to the top, climbing a slope with an average slope of 22%, the highest in the Kanto region. The first funicular is a 7:10 am, so I’m going up the narrow winding road.

mount mitake-01

mount Mitake

The road through the forest. It rains a bit and there is fog. The landscape is as enchanting. The climb is very steep, there is a small inscription to indicate each meter climbed, nailed on trees.


mount Mitake

When I walk through the village, everyone is still asleep. There is no noise, and all are close. I am alone in the streets. I already came the day and on weekends, there are many people and tourists. Mount Mitake is located in the Okutama area, the western part of Tokyo, the mountain can be reached in less than two hours from central Tokyo. So it is very very popular among people looking for a break from the city.

I arrive at the Musashi Mitake Shrine, in the rain. I will not be able to take a photograph of sunrise, there is too much cloud.


,  Musashi Mitake Shrine


Musashi Mitake Shrine

But regardless, I can make a hike. There are many trails. Mount Mitake is one of the many highlights of the Chichibu Tama Kai National Park, which covers more than 1,250 km2 (483 sq mi) of forested mountains, hills, gorges and some rural towns in the prefectures of Yamanashi, Saitama, Nagano and Tokyo. So I decided to go up the small waterfall, Nanayo (“Seven Generations”) Waterfall .


mount Mitake


mount Mitake

Then I come back in the village. The first funicular expects all children who go down to go to school. In fact, I decided to go down by the little rod road.

mount mitake-06

mount Mitake

There are more photographs: Trail to Mount Mitake


By train: 

Tokyo Shinjuku Station, take the JR Chuo Line starting at Ome Station (75 minutes from Shinjuku). At Ome Station, change on the JR Ome Line and ride as far as Mitake Station (20 minutes). The whole trip from Shinjuku to JR Mitake Station costs 920 yen one way.

By bus: 

10 minutes by bus from JR Mitake station

Once at Mitake Station, take the bus to the lower station of the Mitake cablecar (10 minutes, 290 yen one way, about 2 buses/hour). The cablecar lifts you to close to the summit of Mount Mitake (1110 yen roundtrip, about 3 departures/hour).

Parking Fee
-Low displacement car/ Standard size car: 350YEN/hour Max-Limit: 1400YEN/day
-Bus: 2500YEN/day Day long: uniform fee
-Two wheeled vehicle: 500YEN/day Day long: uniform fee

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