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Mojave desert trail


Mojave desert trail

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Mojave desert trail

It is very easy and fun to go into the Mojave desert for a weekend. Located between Los Angeles and Las Vegas,  Mojave provides fresh air and serenity from major metropolis.


Mojave desert

One important thing is to check your vehicle before coming in Mojave desert. Fluids should be changed or topped off. Fill the fuel tank because there are no gas stations in the preserve. If you’re coming in from I-15, make sure to fill up at either Baker or Valley Wells Station. If entering from the south, fill up in Barstow or Ludlow.


In Fact Mojave National Preserve has a larger dune field than Death Valley,has more Joshua trees than Joshua Tree and Mojave National Preserve does not charge an entrance free.


Mojave desert

In the desert, it is still important to bring enough water, and let a 3rd party manager know your route.


Mojave desert


Mojave desert

Backpackers traveling on foot must camp at least 0.5 mile from any developed area or road and 200 yards from water sources. Backcountry camping is limited to a 14-day stay. Do not camp along paved roads or in day-use areas, and stay at least 200 yards from springs and other water sources.


Mojave desert


1) Lake Tuendae Nature Trail:

Trailhead: Zzyzx parking area, 5 miles south of I-15 on Zzyzx Road.
Enjoy an easy, .25-mile stroll around Lake Tuendae. Wayside exhibits along the trail reveal the rich cultural history of this oasis on the preserve’s western boundary.

2) Teutonia Peak Trail:

Trailhead: Along Cima Road, 1.7 miles north of Kessler Springs Ranch

3) Mid Hills to Hole-in-the-Wall Trail:

Trailheads: Entrance to Mid Hills Campground, and about 1 mile west of Black Canyon Road on the south end of Wild Horse Canyon Road.



4) Barber Peak Loop Trail:

Trailhead: Hole-in-the-Wall Picnic Area behind Hole-in-the-Wall Information Center.

5) Rings Loop Trail:

Trailhead: Hole-in-the-Wall off Black Canyon Road.

6) Hole-in-the-Wall Nature Trail:

Trailhead: Hole-in-the-Wall Information Center and Campground, 20 miles north of I-40 on Essex and Black Canyon roads.


Mojave desert

7) Kelso Dunes:

Trailhead: 3 miles west of Kelbaker Road on the well-graded, but unpaved Kelso Dunes Road.

8) Rock Spring Loop Trail:

Trailhead: 5 miles east of Black Canyon Road on Cedar Canyon Road.

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