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Menez Hom, Mountain of king Marc’h, legendary King of Cornwall


Menez Hom, Mountain of king Marc’h, legendary King of Cornwall

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Menez Hom, Mountain of Marc’h, legendary King of Cornwall

I came mountain biking in the mountains of Menez Hom, Brittany. I found this place so beautiful and steeped in Celtic legends, I came back to take photographs, video footage and timelapse. On the north side, according to legend, is the tomb of the famous king Marc’h to whom the magician had done Dahud wear the ears and mane of his horse Morvac’h. Once rid of those attributes and decided to take wife, he sent his nephew Tristan win for him the beautiful Iseult. Hence arose the beginning of the impossible love story as we know it today.



It was a hard tyrannical and sovereign. When he wanted something, he did not hesitate to take it, especially for women, territory, money … But the king Marc’h curiously happy distributing alms. The king vowed a great devotion to the Virgin Mary, for whom he had built a beautiful chapel at the foot of the mountain. When he died God spoke to send him to hell, but the St. Mary defended him.



At his death when God spoke to die for St. Mary pleaded on his behalf so that the God was magnanimous. Then the high court offered a compromise: Marc’h would not go burn in Satan, but his soul should remain in the grave until this fall is high enough for its summit the deceased could see the steeple of the chapel Ste-Marie-du-Menez-Hom.



Photographies “Menez Hom, mountains Celtic legend”

Menez Hom, mountains Celtic legend

Movie and time lapse of Menez Hom in Brittany

Movie with time lapse of Menez Hom in Brittany



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