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Memory of Brest 2000 before coming to Brest 2016

Memory of Brest 2000 before coming to Brest 2016

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Memory of Brest 2000 before coming to Brest 2016

For the change of the millennium, I was a thrilling event “Brest 2000” International Day of the Sea and of the Sailors, who had invaded the port of Brest in Brittany. 16 years after, I prepared myself to come back to this international event “Brest 2016”.

In 2000 there were about two thousand traditional boats, from the largest maritime nations of the world, all witnesses and bearers of a specific story. A large variety of “Sailboats families” of sea and river traditions, foreign flags, types of navigation, “profiles” of owners and sailors were coming.



In my photos archives, I found Kodak negative films that I scanned. Normally I used KODAK ELITE Chrome Extra Color 100 of Kodak’s ELITE family of slide films, but for this event, I used Kodak Gold 100 film. I do not remember why. Anyway negative films were still in their original packaging.




In 2000, the largest sail training vessel of the world “Sedov” was at Brest. In 2016 she will celebrate her 95th anniversary. The cadets of Russian Marine Academies and Colleges have their sailing practice on board the tall ships. The sailboats have been modernized, equipped with engines according to modern standards. With all these improvements, they remain the same windjammers, strong, powerful, agile, fast and able to withstand the sea storms.



Editions of “Brest 2016” will be held from July 13 to 19, 2016, at the nine kilometers of quay of the port of Brest, and all in a festive and musical atmosphere. This gathering of traditional boats from around the world takes place every four years. So I think I’ll fill in some hard disks “My passport WD”.




Brest 2000 Day of the Sea and of the Sailors

Brest 2000 Day of the Sea and of the Sailors


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