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Magic fall wedding and sunset in Japanese garden

Magic fall wedding and sunset in Japanese garden

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Magic fall wedding and sunset in Japanese garden

The japanese autumn may be one of the best that we can admire in the world. The foliage of maples change color in a few weeks, offering an incredible range from green to yellow-orange, red and purple tone up. So I do like the Japaneses who falls into a hunt for autumn leaves to contemplate and photograph a single moment.




The color change of leaves in autumn usually begins mid-September to Hokkaido in the north and ends in late-November / early December in southern Japan, giving a margin of almost three months to identify the leaves in the country . Unlike the cherry blossoms that they only last one or two weeks, you can contemplate the Momiji (maple) over a longer period.




The Japan becomes mesmerized with nature’s breathtaking palette of autumn colors. Appreciating the beauty of autumn has been a custom in Japan for centuries not only for local Japanese but for tourists also.




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