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Lotus flower viewing in Japan, Kanrensetsu

Lotus flower viewing in Japan, Kanrensetsu

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Lotus flower viewing in Japan, Kanrensetsu

Next the place where I live in different place in the world, sometime, I need to do some kilometers drive to arrive in beautiful landscapes. This time it was the Lotus flower season in Japan. The lotus flower is revered in Japan for its ability to rise from the dirty, murky waters to bloom into a beautiful pure flower. Similar to Hanami, the Sakura celebration, in Japan, Kanrensetsu is lotus flower viewing which can be done in special lotus flower viewing boats in ponds or lakes, or by partaking in lotus viewing parties.



The lotus flower is sacred in Asia, the plant is often equated with the Buddhist culture. Synonymous with relaxation, lightness and tranquility, it is the emblem of Buddha, and is used both as an offering but also for its ornamental qualities.

The lotus flower is one of the oldest symbols and aspires to the highest purity, it is the only aquatic plant that can emerge from the darkness of the mud to blossom and rise up out of the water to give a flower of incredible beauty. It is precisely in this impurity that is the depth of brackish water, it will tap its elegance and beauty to finally be attracted to light at night it closes and dark under the surface of water, dawn she goes and opens again.



Symbol of absolute purity and enlightenment, symbol of spiritual elevation, the lotus has the particularity to take root in the mud or mud, its stem immersed in water while its flower blooms majestically on water.

The photgraphs are taken in kinchakuda park, at Hidaka, Saitama ken.




Lotus flower and landscape in Japan photography

Lotus flower and landscape in Japan photography

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