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Kinkaku ji Kyoto under the rain


Kinkaku ji Kyoto under the rain

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Kinkaku ji Kyoto under the rain

When I spend a few days in Kyoto, it was during a typhoon. The hostess of the Kyoto Station tourism agency told me that I was lucky…. Kyoto temple are very beautiful under the rain and there are fewer tourists. Just that I organize myself with a big umbrella.

The second day I decided to visit the famous Kinkaku-ji, also known as the “Golden Pavilion“, which is located northwest of Kyoto, not far from the Ryoan-ji.

Built in the late fourteenth century, in 1397 by the Shogu Askikaga Yoshimitsu, after his death he became a Zen temple. And burned many times, the last time in 1955, it was rebuilt identically the same year, and renovated in 1987. In 1994, he joined the World Heritage Site by Unesco.

The ground floor “Hosui in” is style “shindenzukuri.” It has installed a statue of Ashikaga Yoshimitsu left side. The first floor “choondo” is style “bukezukuri”, which means the style of the houses of samurai. The second floor called “Kukkyô cho” is style “bustuden zukuri” group, the Zen temples. On the roof is a “Fenghuang” all gilded or “Chinese phoenix” called “Hoho” in Japanese.

The hostess of the station was right: in the rain: the temple and garden are gorgeous, and there is no visitors.

Admission fees are ¥ 400. However, children between 7 and 15 years old or disabled persons will have to pay only ¥ 300, and children under 7 years of age will get free admission. The ticket is only valid on the same day.
The ticket replicates a talisman and is quite fragile because it is paper.

How to get to Kinkaku-ji:

By bus:
– Number 12 or 59, Kinkakuji-mae station (¥ 220) and 3 minutes walk
– Number 12, 59, 101, 102, 204 or 205, Kinkakuji-michi station (220 yen) and 7 minutes walk

I highly recommend going to Kinkaku-ji even though it is in the middle of nowhere and requires an effort by bus, but see Kinkaku-ji and its elegance is unforgettable. Its golden color is sparkling, the temple resembles a page of a history book.

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