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Huelgoat, forest of legend


Huelgoat, forest of legend

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Huelgoat, forest of legend Part 1

Huelgoat is located in the Regional Natural Park of Brittany, the forest of Huelgoat (meaning “high wood” in Breton) of more than 1100 hectares, evokes the Celtic legends. Forest Huelgoat is best known for the beauty of its rocks, a pile of blocks rounded to the chaotic layout. It winds through the Silver River, the domain of fairy of Huelgoat.


forest of legend Huelgoat

Mysterious places with evocative names such as the chaos of the Mill, the Silver River, the cave of the Devil, the abyss, the camp of Artus .. refers to King Arthur, sometimes the devil or the Virgin.

Artus shall ensure the relaxing break of the king of the Britons, Arthur, and his camp (the camp of Artus), perhaps you will find the famous treasure that Merlin the Magician had told here in guardian spirits.


forest of legend Huelgoat

The “camp of Artus‘ Celtic oppidum type murus gallicus, was the most important Gallic camp, large 30 hectares of Osismii, Gallic people. It was located close to major thoroughfares, created the Roman period (Gallic and Roman roads Carhaix (Vorgium) -L’Aber Wrac’h (Tolente) and Carhaix (Vorgium) -Landerneau-Brest (Gesocribate). the main wall is typemurus gallicus as described in Julius Caesar de Bello gallico, VII, 23.


forest of legend Huelgoat

According to legend, Gargantua, passing through the area, asked for hospitality to the inhabitants of the forest. Furious at not being served a boiled buckwheat, he walked to the Leon. And in revenge, threw all the rocks he found on his way to the site of the current chaos.

Legend Hok-arm giant and fairy Huelgoat (Le publicateur du Finistère ,n° du 5 septembre 1874 conté par Jakou -ar-gall de Botmeur.)

It is good to say that Hok-Bras master was naturally big enough; three months he already had over six feet, and as he was not yet baptized, his father took him to an aunt he had to Huelgoat, and begged her to be the godmother of this little boy. Hok-Bras already walking like a man, and the godmother did not need to wear the baptismal font, which would have been tiring, really. Hok-Bras was nice. He went alone and did not cry at all, except when you put salt in his mouth: he coughed so hard, so hard that the beadle, who was in front was thrown against a pillar, where he became a nice bump on the head, which brightened the infant and made him laugh, but laugh! Ah! it was the rector was not laughing when he saw the windows down all the windows of his church!


forest of legend Huelgoat

Part 2

Huelgoat, forest of fairy


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  • Pat Porter | Feb 18, 2017 at 10:53 pm

    I live in Brittany and have often walked in Huelgoat but I find your photos absolutely magical. They seem to capture the spirit of the place. Would you allow me to download one of them to keep please?
    Many congratulations in any case.
    You are clearly an exceptional photographer.

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