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Huelgoat, forest of fairy


Huelgoat, forest of fairy

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Huelgoat, forest of fairy Part 2


inally Hok-Bras was a Christian and laugh would not come to church every day. After dinner baptism, which was very good at what they say, Hok-Bras went to play in the woods, to the place called the Devil’s Hole, and probably to prevent the devil to come out there, it began to roll around the biggest rocks of the hill; and we know that it does not lack in this beautiful valley.



During the toddler and worked, to the great astonishment of others, her godmother came to look at and said: – This is a godson who will do me honor. And saying this, she was playing with her beautiful diamond ring. Suddenly the ring escaped him and rolled into the abyss, which was not covered and the water fell with a terrible noise. Godmother began to cry. Hok … Bras. Your ring? Do not cry, we’ll see. If I were only as big as the hole is deep, I would bring back you in five minutes. However, it is good to say that pretty godmother was a fairy.


forest of legend Huelgoat

She dried her beautiful eyes and promised Hok-Arm fulfill his request if he found the ring. Hok down in the hole and plunged into the water, but he soon had to cou.- Godmother, he said, the water is too deep and I’m too short. – Well! lie down, said the fairy. Indeed, Hok sank still flow, because it was a pit of hell, and his head was still above water. Finally, his feet touched rock bottom. – Godmother, he said, I feel a big eel under my feet. – Bring it, said the fairy, she has swallowed my ring back and forth. Crac! We suddenly saw Hok out of the dark abyss like a huge tree, and it was still rising. – Godmother, said a voice from the clouds, do not you stop me? – You only have to say enough, my boy, and your growth will stop. – Enough! Hok yelled a voice of thunder …


forest of legend-Huelgoat

And immediately they saw him shorten and then kneel to kiss his beautiful aunt and spend his ring finger. Unfortunately for us, Hok, in his joy, forgot to plug the Devil’s Hole. We know only too well in this world, alas!

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