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Hiking in the Queen’s Garden, Bryce


Hiking in the Queen’s Garden, Bryce

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Hiking in the Queen’s Garden, Bryce

1 hour 30 minutes before nightfall, I could go down to the “Queen’s Garden” in “Bryce Canyon“, and come back.

Arrived in the parking lot, I put in my small backpack, a lamp, 2 bottles of drinks, and my cameras. I also fixed my little tripod in the fixatins planned for ice axes Mountains. And I began my descent, almost running, from “Sunrise Point”.

It is possible to walk closer to the fairy chimneys and try to approach and their mystical power, for this it must descend into the canyon via Queen’s Garden Trail. This trail is quite short, sometimes a little steep and takes you to the bottom of the canyon (100 m elevation). You go from elegant small door cut into the rock, cross a myriad of chipmunks (or chipmunks – the family of Chip and Dale), discover the magnificent views of the canyon and the famous hoodoo Queen Victoria. After about 1 h 00 walk once arrived there, I returned by the same path, because the night was coming.

Bryce Canyon (145 km2, up to 2778 m. Above sea level) is located in Utah, midway between Zion National Park and Capitol Reef. It is accessed via the beautiful scenic route UT 12 through the park to the north, from east to west.
The park entrance is located to the north and one can reach the extreme south of Bryce Canyon Highway 63 (paved from end to end), leading to Rainbow Point in around thirty kilometers from the park entrance .

I put some photographs of “Queen’s garden, Bryce” in my portfolio:


I also edit a video of this trail:


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