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Hiking at Red Cathedral Death Valley


Hiking at Red Cathedral Death Valley

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Hiking at Red Cathedral Death Valley


his is a  easy 1.5-mile walk up a picturesque, narrow, and geologically canyon (3 miles round-trip). The route ends at the base of the Red Cathedral, a brick-red cliff that towers above the end of the canyon.


Golden Canyon

After 1.0 miles out, the trail markers end at Trail Marker, there are the trail crossing. The path to left (straight up the canyon) runs out to the base of Red Cathedral. The base of Red Cathedral is about 0.5 miles out. The path to the southeast (right) runs up over the mudhills, right under the sheer west face of Manly Beacon, and out to Gower Gulch and Zabriskie Point.


Red Cathedral

Continuing up the canyon towards Red Cathedral, the trail, just below red wall, gets rocky, narrow, and winding. There are places where hikers have to crawl through holes under boulders and through slots before emerging at the base of the Red Cathedral cliffs.

The trail ends at Red Cathedral, so to turn back in his footsteps.


Red Cathedral

There are more photographs in my portfolio: Red Cathedral

To get to the trailhead:

From Furnace Creek, drive 2 miles south on Badwater Road and turn east (left) in Golden Canyon parking area. The Golden Canyon Trailhead provides access to hikes in the hills and canyons between Golden Canyon, Zabriskie Point, and Gower Gulch, including access to Cathedral Cliffs, Manly Beacon, and several miles of hiking.

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