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Castle of La Latte, Viking in Brittany


Castle of La Latte, Viking in Brittany

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Castle of La Latte, Viking in Brittany


hen I went to go hiking and mountain biking around the Cap Frehel, along the Emerald Coast,  Côtes-d’Armor, Brittany, France, I go even Fort La Latte. Formerly Roche Goyon, Castle Fort la Latte, was built in the fourteenth century by the Lord of Matignon, Stephen III GOUYON. Construction of the castle began in the 1340s, the keep dates from 1365 to 1370 years.  The leitmotif of the old castle site was: “Me zo ganet kreiz ar mor e” (“I was born in the middle of the sea” in Breton).

Cap Frehel, viking

Cap Frehel,

The fort is located on a rocky headland, there are a lot of hiking trails that run along the cliffs.

On the way to the castle stands a menhir which represents the finger of Gargantua. The legend says that it would have lost as he stepped over the English Channel to reach the coast of England. There are also traces of his foot and his cane.

Castle Fort La Latte is in the movie “The Viking” 1958, Richard Fleischer.

Cast: Kirk Douglas (Einar), Tony Curtis (Eric), Janet Leigh (Morgana), Ernest Borgnine (Ragnar).

The story is set in the tenth century the Vikings or conducting expeditions on the coast of England. The Viking leader Ragnar violates the Queen of England Enid gives birth to Eric. Eric later became a slave to these Vikings or he faces Einar, son of Ragnar and therefore his half brother. They become both rivals when the future wife of the King of England, Morganna, is kidnapped by the Vikings. After the death of Ragnar, who was killed on the orders of the king of England, Eric and Einar combine to attack the English.

The castle Fort La Latte is widely used at the end of the film when Eric and Einar decide to mount an expedition against the King of England to avenge the death of their father (Ragnar), but also to find the beautiful Morgana.


fort La Latte

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