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Fog at Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco


Fog at Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

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Fog at Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


I think I was very lucky. In the same after noon, to two different locations to take the “Golden Gate Bridge” in photography and video, the famous San Francisco fog arrived.

For the first series of photographs, I go to the “Battery Spencer” (Conzelman Rd (McCullough Rd), Sausalito, California), which is renowned for its spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay. The fog is coming from the City of San Francisco, then cross the bay. It is very fast.

When the fog dissipates it, I go to “Haw Hill” (Conzelman Rd, Marin Headlands, California), which is a 923-foot peak in the Marin Headlands, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge and across the Golden Gate strait from San Francisco, California. The hill is within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Here, the view is just amazing.

If you have time, I suggest you go to “Point Bonita” which is part of the largest urban national park in the United States, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. A secret jewel of the Bay Area, Point Bonita lighthouse is still active.

Above the fog

For an advanced experience, climb over the fog to the top of a hill in the bay area and look down on the shroud of the fog as it enters the entrance to the bay. First as wispy tendrils, then as a fleece cover, the fog sometimes covers even the tops of the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge and extends into the bay.

Golden Bridge in the Fog

Golden Gate Bridge in the fog

Fog Golden Gate

Fog Golden Gate

Boat at Point Bonita

Boat at Point Bonita

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