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First day in Villefort in Lozere in Cevennes National Park

First day in Villefort in Lozere in Cevennes National Park

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First day to Villefort in Lozere in Cevennes National Park

After driving all night, in the rain, from Mont Saint Michel, to the town of Villefort, in the department of Lozere, I finally arrived in the Cevennes National Park for several weeks. The Cévennes National Park is a French national park in southern France and in the mountainous area of the Cévennes.The Park falls within three different regions of France: the Auvergne, Languedoc-Roussillon and Rhone-Alpes regions, with the largest part in the departments of Lozere and Gard. The park includes several mountains and high plateau including Mont Lozère, Mont Aigoual and the Causse Méjean.

It took me a long time to get to Villefort. My gps, from the highway exit, advised me to take the small roads to the mountains. But with the snow that had fallen a lot of road was impracticable, I had to retrace the path. So I advise you to take a road map of the area with you instead of reading the gps.

After depositing my luggage and equipment, I have going to the nature resort of “Mas de la Barque” for a first walk at sunset. I just made a short hike. I left the car park of the Mas de la Barque (access by D66 Genolhac).

Take the track to the north of the car park direction “Pic Cassani”. Then, to the top I followed the markings: small yellow panels “PR”. The track rises above the lodges, enters the forest and joins a crossroads later. I then followed the track on the right and then at the turn I continued on the left. The climb continues, even, among the wood a wide track, then I’m turning round before nightfall.

The mas of the boat in winter is a perfect end of the world. In the West, in the South and in the North, an immense outdoor playground, superbly photogenic. The scenery and light were breathtaking. Disconnection with the everyday …. a meeting with nature to live up to our expectations !!

The trail that runs along the ridge near Villefort

The trail that runs along the ridge near Villefort

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