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Bryce Canyon Sunrise Point

Bryce Canyon Sunrise Point

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Bryce Canyon Sunrise Point

When I arrived in Bryce Canyon National Park, a few hours before the sunset, the closest point was Sunrise Point. Sunrise Point is a gorgeous view and includes a really cool arch.

Bryce Canyon Sunrise Point from deloprojet on Vimeo.

I could not stop shooting, every seconds because the  images were different. It is almost magical to see the amazing hoodoo formations in the valley below This was simply incredible. The view of the northeast of Sunrise Point and Mesa encompasses Boat Sinking Ship, overlooking the cliffs of pink Aquarius Plateau.



Before night falls, I go to a part of the “Queen garden trail”, then go to the “Rim Trail”. As I was here for several days, I would take advantage of places without being concerned about the time.








Some amazing days to Bryce Canyon National Park

Some amazing days to Bryce Canyon National Park

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