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Breathtaking beauty of autumn in Heirinji temple in Japan

Breathtaking beauty of autumn in Heirinji temple in Japan

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Breathtaking beauty of autumn in Heirinji temple in Japan

Heirinji temple is a place that you must visit if you are in Japan during the period of the fall. When the first time I came to Heirinji temple , on expert advice, I really have not been disappointed, this is place is like something out of a fairy tale book. It is the delight of photographers Fall hunter.



Heirinji temple, in Saitama prefecture, is the best place to go see autumn leaves. To enter the temple, one must pay 500 yen which is relatively a bit more expensive than other temples and parks. This 500 yen though is definitely worth it. Heirinji means the temple of the peaceful woods in the Japanese language.

The garden of the temple is more or less a forest. We can walk along the route filled with Japanese momiji maple everywhere. The longest possible route is 2.6 kilometres. When I went to visit Heirinji temple, the autumn colors were at their peak.




The complex covers 68 hectares, and most of it is naturally preserved woodland. The forest has been designated a Natural Monument, and some of the buildings are counted as a Tangible Cultural Property in Saitama Ken.

You must go early in autumn leaves season. If you arrive at 9, you’ll have approximately an hour before the temple resembles a old senior convention.



To get there take the Tobu-Tojo line express train from Ikebukuro, Tokyo, to Asakadai station (15-20 minutes). There are regular bus services from there, which take another 15 minutes or so. Alternatively you can walk directly to the temple from JR Niiza station (30 minutes).



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