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Boat cemetery at Camaret-sur-mer in Brittany

Boat cemetery at Camaret-sur-mer in Brittany

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Boat cemetery at Camaret-sur-mer  in Brittany

When we are at the tip of Brittany, which is completely in the west of France, there is a very interesting place to visit walking: Boat cemetery at Camaret-sur-mer .



There are seven “boat graveyards” that are recognized in France. Of these, three are in the Crozon peninsula, at Landevennec (warships), in the cove of the Rostellec Freight, and in Camaret in Brittany. In Bretagne, the boat cemeteries are a source of inspiration, a place of calm, walk, these sites attract photographers, painters, artists.



The history of this “graveyard” is linked to the decline of fishing. In the 1950s, the crisis in the lobster fishing being felt, the Keraudren settle on their concession derelict and abandoned boats. Other boats out d’usage or offered for sale are not purchased and abandoned on the groove. (Source: Regional Inventory). The “veteran”, “Rosier Fleuri” has been there since 1962.



All boat hulls are made of wood: they were built by shipyards of the Crozon peninsula is Camaret, or Rostellec and Freight. Among the major boats, six were of lobster boats built between 1948 and 1964 and followed the development of this fishery until interrupted in 1989.



The wrecks are possibly still afloat at high tide of white water, their hull was pierced so that it does not float.

The green lobster trap is caught on rocky 20 m, while the pink lobster was caught with nets, trawl and trap since 1955.


Memory of Brest 2000 before coming to Brest 2016

Memory of Brest 2000 before coming to Brest 2016

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