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Blackmagic pocket 2.1 Firmware Update


Blackmagic pocket 2.1 Firmware Update

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Blackmagic pocket 2.1 Firmware Update

Finally, I install the Update Software Blackmagic Camera 2.1 in my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Now I have:

– In-camera formatting of SD Card finnaly available on Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera(BMPCC) !

– Adds support for LCD frame guide options. The frame guides you can now enable are as follows: 4:3, 2.39, 2.35, thirds and 2.40. The HDTV style guides is only available on the HDMI output.

– Shortcut to bypassing the Dashboard by holding down the Menu button.

– Peaking status is remembered after power cycling the camera.

In fact the changes in 2.1 for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera are:

New Blackmagic Camera Setup software

Adds support for more frame guide options

Adds Japanese and Chinese language menu support

Holding down MENU will bypass Dashboard and go straight into settings

Peaking state is remembered after power cycle

You can find the firmware update on the Blackmagic support page


bmpcc new firmware 2.1

How to update the firmware:

In first, “Blackmagic Design also recommends to uninstall the current camera utility before installing the new one.” The downloaded installer does not have an uninstaller like previous versions did. You’ll need to run the uninstaller that came with the previous version.

Once you have installed 2.1 you will have an uninstaller app for 2.1 (on the Mac this is in the same folder as the “Blackmagic Camera Setup” app). You can then run that before you install the next update (2.2, 2.3, etc) in the future.

It is advisable to run the uninstaller if you have a version already installed on your computer.


bmpcc new firmware 2.1

Once downloaded you will need to un-zip the file.

On the Mac you will then have a .dmg file. Double click on that to mount the disk image. Inside the mounted disk image you will find the installer, manual, documents and uninstaller.

On the PC you will then have a directory with the manuals and an installer file.

Run the installer and follow the on screen prompts.

This installs a few applications in your Applications directory. Now reboot the computer.

Once done, browse to your Applications directory and launch “Blackmagic Camera Utility”

Connect the camera via USB. If the camera is not recognized by the computer, the driver of the camera will be installed automatically.

Turn the camera on. Make sure the camera is full charged or even better plug in the AC adapter.

The camera utility will now check the camera. If the firmware on the camera is different from the version installed on your computer it will tell you the camera needs updating. Click update and wait for it to complete.

The camera reboots once done.

Your camera is now “up-to-date” with the version installed on you computer.

If you want to run an older version of the firmware simple download and install that version on you computer. The Camera Utility does not check the Internet for updates. You have to download a new Camera Utility for each update.

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A great afternoon in Encinitas California

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