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Behind Monts d’arree photography tips


Behind Monts d’arree photography tips

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Behind Monts d’arree, photography tips

During my stay in Britain, France, I wanted to make a small film with timelapse of Monts d’Arree. In the Regional Natural Park of Brittany,Mont d’ Arrée, culminating at 385 meters, at the Roc’h Ruz, are the highest mountains in Britain.





After several days, the weather was perfect with the good clouds. I park the car, and then I put my cameras in my backpack, I also took with a flashlight. I go in  first to Tuchenn Kador,  which offers a 360 ° panorama of Lake Brennilis, bogs, and in particular that of Yeun Ellez (Hell Gate) and the moor to the Bay of Morlaix !




The next evening I returned to go for to take a series of timelapse, to Roc’h ruz with 385.01 meters. Then I walked along the valley before climbing across the moor from which emerge impressive rocks jursqu’au top of Roc’h Trevezel to 364 meters.



So in the video, I included some timelapse. Also I can advise, knowing that I used a tripod for video, so a little heavy.

When taking some quality photographs, to achieve professional results in time lapse I will use manual exposure and RAW files. Both manual mode and RAW files will give  greater control over our camera and during the postproduction.

Focus accurately. It is very important to select the manual mode in both the camera and lens, if applicable. (DSLR with Live View, we can also focus with the magnifying loup at the desired point).

There are two solutions to avoid the  problem of “flicker” (effect that occurs in the “time-lapse” due to slight differences in exposure between shots). In first, using manual lenses, to ensure that the diaphragm is always kept fixed in the same position. The second is to partially disconnect the lens from the camera to cut the communication between them, selecting the desired aperture ourselves using the depth of field button.


Movie of Monts d’Arre:

Movie of Monts d’Arree, fabled land in Brittany




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