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Atomos Ninja 2 at the country of true Ninjas

Atomos Ninja 2 at the country of true Ninjas

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Atomos Ninja 2 at the country of true Ninjas

Being in Japan for for some time, I go to get a Atomos Ninja 2, in a  major electronics store in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo (As I had a loyalty card, I got the equivalent of 10% discount). Then I go to buy hard disks in the electronics district Akirabara, Tokyo.

ikebukuro tokyo

akihabara tokyo

Now I can use my BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, without constantly changing expensive SDHC cards. Moreover, putting extern battery for Bmpcc, I can shoot in ProRes HQ for several hours.


Directly from lens to timeline:

Atomos NINJA 2 hard drive capture uncompressed signal output from your camera into a file or ProRes HD DNX directly usable on your editing station. A set directly on the cameras or regulated output, the NINJA 2 eliminates the capture phase or transfers. The media are ready for installation immediately after capture. Just remove the hard drive or SSD module NINJA housing to connect on a Mac or PC via the interface provided with FireWire800 and USB2-3 connectors.

Compatibility: HDMI, ProRes and DNxHD:

Whatever the format and generation of cameras, you can work directly in the native format in Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer, or PC software supporting the high quality codec Apple ProRes and DNX HD, even in 4: 2: 2. The NINJA 2 has an input / output HDMI video with embedded audio channels 2 compatible with the majority of market cameras.

Atom OS 4:

The Atomos OS 4 which rotates in the Ninja 2 allows access to all functions via a fast and responsive touch screen interface. SmartMonitor helps you accurately assess the focus and exposure with the peaking, the Zebras setting, two modes of false color (blue to verify your exposure). SmartLog allows you to start the post-production and obtain a pre-editing of your images on the fly.

Energy consumption confusing:

It consumes only 6 watts of power. With no less than four power options including battery NP-F series (supplied), the DC power adapter for larger batteries, AC power and the system of “dual battery in continuous power” patented Atomos. You will never be short of independence when you need it most!

Adapters for Nikon and Canon batteries are also available.



Made from aircraft grade aluminum, the Ninja 2 delivers durability and portability. Locking mechanisms for each removable part ensures reliable and durable operation. With its 370 g, the Ninja 2 is fixed on any device whether in studio or on location!

Designed for operation in the field:

Very compact and weighing 920g with battery and drive, NINJA 2 has many advantages:

An integrated 4 “touch screen 3 with a simple and clear user interface to format the disks and set records. The NINJA also allows you to view the capture while recording or reviewing the clips later, with the usual navigation functions ‘a VHS recorder.

Clear display for: trigger / stop recording, know the remaining capacity, the battery level, adjust the audio input volume and listening and display timecode.

2 slots for hot-swappable batteries for operation without stopping the capture.

1 with LANC loop for external control

Atomos ninja 2 japan



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